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Motor City Propane, formerly known as Intervale Propane was founded in 1982, by brothers Walter & Otis Starghill, to service the commercial equipment and heating market in the metropolitan Detroit area. Although not widely known, Motor City has an incredible history and has been a staple in the city of Detroit and throughout Michigan for many years.

After working in the commercial cylinder exchange business since its inception, in the early 90s Motor City developed a partnership with Blue Rhino Corp.. At the time Blue Rhino was, as it is now, a propane power house. As its sole distributor in southern Michigan and northern Ohio, Motor City serviced accounts such as Home Depot, Home Quarters, Builder’s Square and Meijer, by setting them up with the proper equipment and products to sell propane gas.



Additionally, Motor City was contracted by the city of Macomb to equip a state-of-the-art fire facility. The facility was developed to simulate real residential and industrial fires for the purpose of training firemen throughout the state of Michigan. Motor City was tasked with installing the proper equipment, while ensuring safety standards and procedures were in place to cover the entire 10 acre lot.



In addition to commercial projects and clientele, Motor City services everyday consumers in need of propane gas to heat and/or cool their homes, light their grills, fuel their RVs, etc.. Motor City is your neighborhood shop with the experience to meet your needs and the price to meet your budget.


Give us a call today, at (313) 927-7697, to learn about our competitive price advantage and how we can service you.




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